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Having a nice bike is great, but how does it interact with your body? Here at Fat Frogs, we want to help it fit like a glove. We take pride in our philosophy of cycling for longevity, and will do everything in our power to get you healthily cycling for the long term. 


Fat Frogs will provide you with knowledge of how you best mesh with a bike, and the tools to keep you safe and riding. Considering our vast array of bikes to choose from, you’re sure to leave our shop with a bike that fits you perfectly!

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A proper bike fitting is more than the simple mechanical matching of the rider to the bike. The critical component that is missing from other bike fittings is the focused attention to body mechanics.

Have you ever felt shoulder, neck, joint or knee pain while riding?

Repetitive Stress Injuries are far too common in cycling. Most of us make the mistake of leaning on the handlebars. Cycling is the only sport that has handlebars, but it does not mean we should be leaning on them. One of the chief culprits of discomfort, to the point of quitting, is at the hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, spine and saddle. In fact, the primary reason most people are uncomfortable on the saddle, is due to an unrelenting pushing pressure on the hands. Our bike fittings first focus on helping you capture appropriate bipedal leverage on your bicycle.

Please bring your shoes, shorts, and bike to fit appointments.

Cost: $95 (road); $125 (TT)

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